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History, nature and life in the Botanical Garden of Puerto Morelos

History, nature and life in the Botanical Garden of Puerto Morelos

During your visit to Puerto Morelos, you can combine the sea and the white sand of the beach with a day trip to the Botanical Garden Dr. Alfredo Barrera Marín. This garden is the second largest in Mexico, with 65 hectares of jungle and mangrove.

Walking inside the main area of the garden is reconnect with the mayan culture, there is a recreation of the type of house that shows the Mayan architecture, as well as a small archaeological zone, located between the exuberant vegetation. But the mayan theme does not end here, during your journey through the path of the garden, you will find the description, history and uses of different plants that were and are used in the traditional medicine of this area.

Inside the garden you will get to know the Chiclero camp. Did you know that chewing gum, as we currently know it in commercial brands, was made by prehispanic mayans? Through cuts made in the chicozapote tree, they obtained the resin to prepare it. Is was until the year of 1860 when Thomas Adams, industrialized chewing gum.

On a good day, you will be able to observe the spider monkeys in the treetops and find iguanas on your way, as well as other species native to the zone.

Before you finish your tour of the Botanical Garden, you will have the opportunity to climb the 9 meters high viewpoint, from there you can see the Caribbean Sea, the point on the reef where the waves break and the vast expanse of the mangrove.

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