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Unbelievable Ecotourism activities near Puerto Morelos


Unbelievable Ecotourism activities near Puerto Morelos
Live the experience and support the economy of the local Mayan communities.

Puerto Morelos is located in The Yucatan Peninsula, in the heart of the Mayan culture of Mexico.
From here, you can enroll yourself in a great variety of ecotourism activities to support the local economy.
There are many natural areas to visit and over the past years, the Mexican Government has established new protected areas. This program is actually managed and protected by local cooperatives recognized by the government to take care of its legacy.

So, here we are with 100% natural areas, away from crowded tourist hotels and parks, ideal for a day full of adventures guided by locals.

You could start with Sian Ka´an, the natural reserve where you can swim and relax in the mangroves channels enjoying the nature. Then, discover the amazing underwater world visiting the protected natural reserves like Yum Balam near Contoy island north side of Cancun.
And just 45 minutes away from your Hostel Humanity in Puerto Morelos, there is the natural protected area Akumal, where you can swim with marine turtles in their natural habitat which is a unique opportunity.
Also, Mayan communities like Nuevo Durango and Punta Laguna are a great opportunity to experience a true Mayan jungle adventure. And close to Puerto Morelos, the “Ruta de Los Cenotes” (Cenote’s road), counts many amazing cenotes to not miss! don’t miss it!

From snorkeling, whale shark encounters, swimming in cenotes and visiting Mayan communities, that is a wide list of activities.

So, you now have a good idea of unbelievable Ecotourism activities in Cancun and within the Riviera Maya. You might be wondering when is the best time for ecotourism tours and activities around Cancun?
The Yucatan Peninsula weather is ideal for ecotourism activities all year long with an average of 27 to 30 Celsius degrees.

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