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Top 4 Tips to Enjoy Cancun This 2017

Top 4 Tips to Enjoy Cancun This 2017

Top 4 Tips to Enjoy Cancun This 2017, enjoy the vacations of your life! take a close look at the Mexican culture, tasty cuisine and culture.

Mexico has a wide variety of nature attractions, archaeological sites, luxury hotels, rivers, cenotes, Mayan villages, and much more that made this destination unique.

Top 4 Tips to Enjoy Cancun This 2016

Here you have 4 tips that will help your budget to experience the best vacations.

Number one, Cancun is getting more popular and more airlines are targeting this destination, so, buy your flight tickets in advance at least 3 months, you will save probably between 20% to 40%(here some recommendations: www.skyscanner.com, http://www.evelop.com/)

Number two, low budget? don’t worry there are many good hostels with really good prices(15 USD per day) in Cancun downtown, about 25 minutes bus ride from the hotel zone where main white sand beaches, plazas and night clubs are located.( we recommend: http://www.hostels.com/es/cancun/mexico)

Number three, tours and activities, try to book online, is the best way to avoid paying extra commissions from agencies representatives or people reselling in the street or hotels lobby the same tours you can buy online, believe me, you can save at least 30%.

Number fort, there is a lot of information about security issues at Mexico, but Cancun downtown and Hotel zone are really safe places to visit as a tourist. Like any other big city in the world has their security issues but far away from tourist areas.

Hope this top 4 tips to enjoy Cancun this 2016, will make you decide to visit Cancun Mexico and amaze with is attractions.

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