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The 4 backpacking travel tips for The Riviera Maya Mexico

The 4 backpacking tips Travel in The Riviera Maya México

Backpacking travel is becoming more popular every year, and Latin America is one of the favorite destinations for this type of travelers.

With an average age between 20 to 35 years old, the backpacking is a travel adventure, where young people try to experience traveling in a different way than traditional vacations.

We can say the travel budget for a backpacker is reduced, where sharing becomes an important part of the journey.

Sharing during travel, not necessary means is bad, on the other hand, sharing will enrich your experience getting know other travelers.

Hostels are a great place where you can meet other backpackers, where you can share your travel experiences, get travel advice of the destination.

And why not? Sharing tours an activity during your stay is also a great idea if you want to keep a low budget.

Here you have the Ultimate 4 backpacking tips Travel in The Riviera Maya México:

1.- Learn Common Phrases of the Yucatec Maya Language

Spanish is the main language in Mexico, but The Riviera Maya has the native language Yucateco or Maya.

Surprise locals with some of the must common Maya words that many of locals don’t event know.

here is a link where you can start learning Yucatec: http://www.yucatanliving.com/culture/mayan-language-for-beginners-2

2.- The best lodging option

Do a research a look for the best lodging option, there are many new hotels and hostels that recently open this year.

All around The Riviera Maya, you will find brand new lodging options with an affordable price, booking.com and trivago.com are ideal for this job.

3.- Avoid Uber services for now.
Uber is a great service and has been released in Mexico a few months ago, but taxi driver unions are getting aggressive with this online service all around The Riviera Maya.

For now, we recommend you, to use local vans(Playa express) and ADO bus services, that connects all the riviera Maya from Cancun Airport to playa del Carmen to Tulum with good prices.

4.- Book online avoid Rep sellers.

A true is that all tour agencies in Cancun and The riviera Maya has websites where you can find great deals for main attractions tour.

from visits to archaeological sites like Chichen Itza, scuba adventures will be between 20 % to 45% cheaper if you book directly to the provider, instead to a rep representative.

hope this tips will make a difference wen you plan your trip to The Riviera Maya and Cancun, here in hostel Humanity we can offer you the best location and price for your next vacation.

We are located only 15 minutes from Cancun International airport and 20 minutes from Playa del Carmen, recently open hostel past December, we offer the best quality dorms and rooms, personalized service and brand new facilities, for more information contact us.

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