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In this category, you can find private rooms for 2 people with a queen bed and a private bathroom.

These private rooms offer you privacy as well as all the benefits of staying in a hostel.
The Private Rooms
UO Ka’an
The private room with a double bed is dedicated to her godson Eden whose name is “Ka’an” in Maya stands for “sky”.

The green thematic of the room will remind you of the beauty of nature and its location upstairs gives you the best view of the hostel.

You can enjoy the sunrises every morning just by opening the window or seating on the terrace which is behind your main door.
TZEC Utsil
The double room with AC is dedicated to her sister Claudie whose name is “UTSIL” in Maya and stands for “goodness/honesty”.

The yellow thematic of these rooms will make you feel joyful as well as happier.

This is the quick acces room, for example: to the the coffe brak and kitchen.
The secret behind the names of the rooms
As you already know, the Riviera Maya is fixed by the Mayan culture, and one thing to know among many others is that the Mayan calendar had 18 months of 20 days and 1 of 5 days. Sophie, the owner & manager of the hostel.

Sophie decided to dedicate the name of the room to her family members who all live in France, to have them a bit closer to her. Thus, the room’s names are the Mayan months according to the date of birth of each member.